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From Cairo to Capetown or: From Challenge to Challenge?

** 070308Z1200 ** C2C ARR E19 28' 25'' S34 21' 25'' ** MISS ACCOMPL **

A trip from Germany via the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East to South Africa - six months southwards in a Land Rover. These pages are stuffed with information on the trip and news from the road, the latest updates and photographic marvels from our embedded bloggers/ fotographers as well as an easy and comfortable way to get in touch with us.

We are especially proud to present the Tracker: Using Google maps, we produce overlays of the route we traveled and of interesting waypoints with additional information or anecdotes, (almost) directly from where it happened!.

Our picture gallery has been stocked and updated recently! Here you'll find all the great pics from on the road!

So enjoy C2C's website, check out where we've been and make sure you leave a note in the guestbook!

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